Home Repair DIY Rookie Advice

Want To Take On A Home Repair Project, But Lack Experience?

Expert DIY Tips And Advice On Where To Begin

There are a few things you should know before you bolt from the starting gate like a race horse. A DIY project can be a lot of fun and fill you with satisfaction once your project is complete. However, if you´re not prepared it could be a home repair Nightmare.

Personal Safety

Before you begin, your priorities should be focused on personal safety. You will also need to have the correct tools for the job and some kind of insight into the particular project you wish to take on.

I probably sound like your mother, but you NEED to pay attention here! Many people have ended up in a hospital bed or worse when working on home repair projects.

From deep lacerations to broken bones, injuries can occur in a split second. Especially when working with power tools such as electric saws.

DIY rookies need to understand that power tools operate at very high speeds. A typical table saw blade will spin at around 5,000 rpm. So if you are pushing timber towards the saw blade and the blade catches your loose shirt, it´s huge trouble!!!

Keep in mind accidents occur everywhere, every day. When working with tools (especially power tools), accidents occur far more frequently. Always use safety glasses, ear plugs and in some cases tight fitting gloves. Just remember to always use common sense in EVERY situation.

home repair

My Golden DIY Observation : Imagine you are making a difficult cut on a table saw. The climate is cold and you begin to sweat. Seems odd, right? Why are you sweating? Well, that´s your body trying to warn you of an imminent danger. You need to think of a better way to approach the task or just don´t do it!


Every home repair project requires a minimum set of tools to complete the job. As a rookie starting out, you will need the adequate tools for the project you wish to take on.

Precision tool kits like this can be purchased for a great price!

home repair toolkit

So prepare your tool list and go purchase what you will need to complete your DIY project. If the tools for the project are financially out of your reach, ask for some help. You can ask a family member, friend or neighbor if they could loan you the adequate tools.

Once you have the tools required for the project, do yourself a favor and watch some youtube tutorials. These videos will help you to understand how to properly use each tool.

Believe me, your project will run far more smoothly with the right tools for the job AND the knowledge on how to use them correctly.

Home Repair DIY Project Choice

If you´ve never taken on a DIY project, you need to choose a simple project for your first DIY experience. Never take on a project which is far beyond your skill level. This will only frustrate you and in most cases leave you with an unfinished project.

There are literally thousands of different types of Home Repair projects floating around the internet. Many of these internet projects are free to view and/or download.

Choose wisely in regards to the tools required for the project and the experience level needed to complete the job.

A great project choice will bring you enormous satisfaction once completed and give you the confidence to take on another DIY project in the future.

So there you have it, guys. Pay close attention to your own personal safety when it comes to working with both manual and power tools.

Make sure you can obtain the adequate tools to complete your home repair project.

Don´t forget to choose your first project wisely, something simple which can be completed in a short amount of time.

Remember, you will gain experience with each DIY project you complete. Simply take your time, be precise as possible and have some fun!