Attract Females – Basic Analysis

Do you attract or repel women?

As guys, we all like to think we can attract the ladies. Did you know women rate you at first glance?

Before a woman even gets a good look at you, she has already put you into one of three categories. It hardly seems fair that she has categorized you before you have had a chance to say hi.

The three categories are :
Positive – I like him
Negative – I don´t like him
Neutral – Undecided

I Like Him

If you fall into the first category, you are obviously doing something right to attract the ladies. Maybe its the way you dress which has drawn her in.

Could also be that you remind her of some other guy that she has or had a thing for. Or perhaps she has just connected with you through the law of attraction.

Don´t over analyze why she likes you, just recognize and act on it.

Knowing that you can attract women from the get-go gives you the upper hand. So be confident, don´t waste too much time on small talk and ask her out on a date.

I Don´t Like Him

If you find yourself in the I don´t like him category, then I guess you are wondering why.

Most women adore confident men period. So if you lack confidence there´s a great chance she doesn´t like you for this reason.

Fashion and general appearance also come into play here. If you dress for success, you will no doubt better your chances to attract the ladies.

So read ALL the signals and seek solutions for your weaknesses.


Around 80% of us will fall into the Undecided category upon a woman´s first glance in our direction. This is ok, as you can now employ every seduction technique in your arsenal.

You need to create desire and attract the woman of your dreams. You can then move yourself to the I like him category. Be confident, but don´t go overboard.

Alternate Option

As a single guy, the world of dating can sometimes be awkward. If you find it difficult to meet women in public, you need to try internet dating sites.

Whether you´re looking to meet up for casual fun or a relationship, modern dating websites can be a goldmine.

You get access to thousands of member profiles, pics, videos, and chat. And you won´t be categorized by women like you are in public.

In conclusion, you always need to improve yourself in some way in order to attract women. Be confident in the presence of women, but don´t be arrogant.

Finally … if meeting women in public is problematic for you,  then take a chance and Register Free with a great dating website now!