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Whether you drive an old AMC Gremlin or a late model Shelby Mustang
Most people insure their car, pay the insurance premium and forget about it. Little do they know that there are always better insurance deals to be found.

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Before you search for a better insurance deal, here are some great tips to reduce your insurance premium.

Auto Insurance Savings Tips

The first tip only applies to those looking to purchase their 1st vehicle or change their current auto. You can research the cost of auto insurance on different makes & models. It is a well-known fact that insurance on some makes/models is far less expensive than others. So by purchasing a specific make/model, you could save yourself a small fortune.

An obvious way to save some cash is by shopping around. Search for Free Online Auto Insurance Quotes from different insurance companies. The difference in insurance premiums may shock you!

If you own more than one car, you can place all your vehicles on the same insurance policy. Many insurance companies offer good discounts for clients who place various vehicles on the same policy.

A good driving record can save you a bundle of cash. Your insurance premium will cost you far less than someone with a history of accidents and traffic tickets.

Your credit record can also influence your auto insurance premium. Clients with bad credit records will pay higher premiums. So pay your debts on time (especially in regards to credit cards) and avoid excessive borrowing.

Purchasing your auto and home insurance from the same insurer can also save some $100 bills. Some insurers will offer a nice discount to clients who choose this route.

The last two tips can also make a difference to your auto insurance premium. Make sure your car has various anti-theft devices installed and in good working order. Lastly, if your vehicle is parked in a garage, ask the insurance company for a discount on your premium.

There are various other methods you can apply in order to reduce your auto insurance premium. However, I have found that the tips above will gain you some good leverage with your insurance company.

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