College Basketball Dreams

Dream Of Playing College Basketball?

Here´s a secret weapon you can use to completely change your game!

Basketball is the most popular team sport in the USA, with more than 26 million members.

The NBA (National Basketball Association) is one of the most financially lucrative sports leagues in the world. Each basketball team within the NBA is run as a franchise.

NBA players are generally paid huge sums of money in return for their sporting abilities.

You will always see NBA stars in action on TV sets across America. Kids of all ages are strongly influenced by pro basketball players, due to the heavy media coverage.

College basketball provides an excellent platform for athletes to develop their skills as amateurs. Once a player has what it takes in college basketball, the next step is the NBA.

My Dunking Struggle

Not too long ago, I played a few seasons of amateur basketball. My friends and I were constantly playing ball, whether it was at home or on a nearby basketball court.

We were totally fixated on trying to grab the basketball rim. Any kid who ever picked up a basketball has dreamt of leaping high above a defender to slam dunk.

I knew I would have to work hard to slam dunk and play college basketball, being 6 foot 1 inch tall. Leg exercises and leaping were part of my training.

I could leap and touch the rim on a regular basis, but to grab hold of it was a real challenge.

Feeling desperate in regards to my slam dunk aspirations, I searched the internet in search of advice. What I found, would get me a step closer to playing college basketball.

College Basketball

The VertShock Program

After various dead ends, I came across a product called VertShock, a specialized training system to help you jump higher. The VertShock Program can add up to 15 inches to your vertical leap.

Multiple No.1 Dunker in the world, Justin Jus Fly Darlington, highly recommends and endorses VertShock. This was proof enough for me. Justin leaps like a springbok (African antelope able to leap around 6 foot 6 inch ABOVE the ground!).

I got hold of VertShock and within 3 months I dunked my first ball.

It´s difficult to explain how I felt that day. It was just a truly amazing experience I will never forget. I clearly remember that my friends were sceptical, but now they´re just envious.

Personally, it is the best product I ever invested in! My basketball game improved dramatically, as my rebound stats grew and I often out-leaped my taller opponents.

We all know that dunking isn´t everything in life, but in the basketball world, it gives you a whole lotta respect.

If you have ever dreamt of slam dunking a basketball you need VertShock now. For a minimal one time investment, you will finally gain the respect you deserve on the court.

VertShock offers a 60 day Money Back Guarantee, so you have absolutely nothing to lose!

College Basketball Dreams

Don´t forget that you need to work on all aspects of your game, if you want to play college basketball. You must dominate the most basic skills such as dribbling, passing & blocking.

I´m sure you´re an asset to your team if you can sink 3 pointers frequently, but if you do not possess basic basketball handling skills, you´re going nowhere fast.

If you wanna be like Mike I suggest that you train hard as often as you can and take time to enjoy the game with your friends.

Each day on the basketball court is a learning experience, so keep your eyes open. Listen to advice from your peers, continue to train hard and stay totally focused. Who knows … maybe one day you will end up in the NBA.