Save Money With A KISS Budget

Want To Save Money For A Vacation Or Vehicle Upgrade?

Let the KISS Budget save you CA$H

Working out a budget doesn´t need to be difficult or stressful. I like to use the acronym K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) when preparing a simple budget. I prefer simple rather than complicated.

You will be able to save money like a champ after reading this article and applying these simple techniques. Hence you will have more money in your pocket at the end of the month, without sacrificing your lifestyle.

There must be more than a million ways to prepare a budget. We´re not interested in ANY of these! All we want to do is organize a simple monthly budget which works for us.

Let´s not complicate our lives more than we need to

OK … I want you to do three things for me if you are ready to save money :
1. Gather up all the paperwork in regards to your income and expenses
2. Grab yourself a nice cool beverage or a warm drink (for those in polar bear weather)
3. Sit down at a table in a quiet part of the house, where you can lay out your paperwork

First of all, you need to calculate your monthly income after tax has been taken from your wages.

If you are paid on a weekly basis, simply add up your four latest pay slips. Be sure to use the after-tax figures on your pay slips. Now write this figure down on a blank piece of paper and put it aside for later.

In addition to your monthly income, you need to calculate your monthly expenses. Some common expenses are mortgage/rent, leases, debts, medical, dental, insurance, taxes, education, food, clothing, household maintenance, utilities, vehicle, and entertainment.

I like to write down these categories on a blank sheet of paper, so I can categorize ALL my expenses.

Consequently, you can see exactly where your money is being spent each month, by sifting through your bank account statements and checking stubs.

save money

It´s best to put each expense into its respective category. Eg. place 2 new tires for family vehicle $124 into the vehicle category.

Furthermore, you should have a categorized list of all expenses once you´re done with your bank accounts and checking stubs.

You now need to calculate the total of each individual expense category. Eg. kids school shoes $88 + school books $47 = education $135.

You´ll be able to see exactly where your money is being spent, once all expense categories have been calculated. Therefore go ahead and sum up ALL of your expenses for the month.

Remember the amount you wrote down for your monthly income? Well, now you can subtract ALL your monthly expenses from your monthly income.

This will hopefully leave you with an excess of money. If the number you calculate is negative, then you have spent MORE money than you earned for the month!

You can now focus on each individual expense category and make adjustments to save money. These adjustments will help you spend less in each category every month.

There are infinite ways to save money every month. I have listed only a few examples below.

If your Cable TV service cost you $43 per month, look for better cable TV deals that the competition offer.

Family Entertainment Savings

Family fun doesn´t need to cost a small fortune! You can save money by taking advantage of some of the amazing deals on offer. Take a family of four for example …

save money moviepass

Everybody enjoys a good movie, right? Well, each member of the family can purchase a 30 day MoviePass subscription starting at $14.99 each (that´s $59.96 for 4 people).

The family can see New 2D movies every day of the month in over 3,700 theaters on more than 33,000 screens with MoviePass. That´s value!

Try buying your groceries at a different supermarket, where the prices are more economical. Furthermore, you can save money by purchasing some grocery items in bulk.

Also, you can save money by refinancing and searching for better deals on insurance. You can save a wad of cash with a better deal on home insurance.

Save Money On Life Insurance

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You will be surprised at just how much money you are wasting each month. Do your homework, reduce your expenses and you can save money like never before.

Therefore do yourself a favor and spend a few hours one day preparing a simple budget. In addition, open an excel spreadsheet on your computer and enter your data there.

In conclusion, you will be able to update your spreadsheet each month and see how much more cash you have to spend on the things you enjoy in life!