Vehicle Tracking Device TrackR Bravo

Super Economic Vehicle Tracking Device!

It goes by the name of TrackR Bravo

I am by no means a gadget guru. However, I felt that I just had to let you guys in on this amazing product. The TrackR Bravo is one of the cool tech gadgets of 2016.

How Does This Vehicle Tracking Device Work?

Its primary function is to locate lost or misplaced items. This incredible gadget can track and find both animate and inanimate objects. So you can track items like cell phones, keys, wallets, purses, bicycles, cars and even family pets.

First of all, you need to attach the TrackR Bravo to an item like your car keys. Next, download the TrackR Bravo Application to your iPhone or Android smartphone. Utilizing the App on your smartphone, you can now locate your car keys.

For Download : Go to the App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android

vehicle tracking device app store
vehicle tracking device google play

This electronic gizmo emits up to 85dB of sound, so you can locate the object you have misplaced. Your smartphone will display the distance between you and your lost item.

If you have misplaced your cell phone, simply press the button on TrackR Bravo. Your cell phone will ring, even if it is on silent mode.

The device features a Separation Alert to notify you when you´re about to leave an item at home/the office. Tech gadgets like these are truly amazing!

Another most noteworthy feature : the TrackR Bravo uses the worldwide Crowd GPS Network to help locate distant objects. A GPS update will be sent to you when another TrackR user is within range of your lost item. The GPS update will narrow down the location of your item.

A vehicle tracking device like the TrackR Bravo is a must-have for anyone who frequently misplaces objects. This device has certainly earnt its place on my cool gadgets list.

TrackR Bravo Accessories

Accessories available for the TrackR Bravo are a Water Resistant Case and a Metal Carabiner. If you are interested, these products start from $9.99. Both Laser Engraving and Custom UV-LED Image services are also available to clients who love tech gadgets.

vehicle tracking device accessories

This ever so useful vehicle tracking device offers a very useful add-on.

A single smartphone can track up to 10 items at once using the TrackR Atlas. Simply plug a TrackR Atlas into a wall socket within your home or office and track your objects.

TrackR Bravo Specs

The TrackR Bravo casing is constructed of smooth anodized aluminium
It has an outside diameter of 31mm and a total thickness of 3.5mm
The device uses a CR1620 replaceable battery and emits a maximum volume of 85dB
Connectivity is made via Bluetooth 4.0 and has a worldwide tracking range of 100 feet
You will need iOS 8 and up for your iPhone or Android 4.4 and later for Android devices

As far as vehicle tracking device go, the TrackR Bravo will make your life so much easier!
One of these amazing gadgets will only set you back $29.99

If however, you would prefer 2 TrackR Bravo devices, Amazon has 2 Packs for $49.99. So you save around 17% when you purchase a Pack of 2.

If you want to track multiple items with this vehicle tracking device, then go the whole hog! Buy a Pack of 4 for only $79.99 (that´s almost 34% off!)

In conclusion, I can honestly tell you that this vehicle tracking device is truly amazing and a must-have in every home. You will wonder how life used to be without a TrackR Bravo.