DIY Wall Decor Idea

Searching For A Cool DIY Wall Decor Project?

DIY projects come in all shapes & sizes and can bring out the inner genius in us all.
Sometimes a great DIY idea will just present itself.

Have you ever bought a product that came in a cool looking package? I know I have.
The product packaging just looked too good to throw away. So what do you do with it?

Well, Todesyboy (Reddit username) has come up with a great idea to utilize product packaging for DIY wall decor.

After purchasing himself a HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset, he decided to use the packaging that came with it. This would be one of the coolest DIY wall decor ideas going around.

Why not mount the headset package to the wall, so the HyperX Headset could be safely stored away when not in use?

DIY Wall Decor Project

Firstly you need to get hold of 2 adhesive wall hooks and cut away the hook part somewhat on each one. Do not cut away too much of the hook, as this may cause the product packaging to fall once it has been hung on the wall.

Next, locate a place on the wall where you would like to hang your DIY decor idea. Measure the width of the headset package´s base. Now attach the adhesive wall hooks to the wall so they are no further apart than the width of the base.

Disassemble the packaging so you can isolate the package´s base. The base is what we will attach to the wall.

DIY wall decor pics

Measure the distance between the wall hooks and use this measurement to make 2 marks on the rear of the base. Try to roughly center the 2 marks on the base. You can now go ahead and punch two small holes to accept the wall hooks.

Carefully position the two holes in the rear of the package´s base over the two wall hooks. Your base should now be firmly hung on your wall.

You are now ready to reinstall the rest of the packaging to the base. So go ahead and reassemble the remaining package pieces. Once all package pieces are installed, you only need to mount your HyperX Headset within the package.

DIY wall decor images

Wall Mounted Headset Wrap Up

It may not be a complex project, but it is very practical and one of the cool DIYs out there. The HyperX Headset is now easily accessible and stored out of harms way!

For rookies searching for cool home projects, this is an easy one to attack. Should only take you around 30 minutes to complete and requires minimal tools. This is a unique DIY wall decor idea that will turn your friends green with envy!

So get yourself a HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset today and store them in style.
Thanks again to Todesyboy at Reddit for permission to post his project here at MenzBuzz