Fastest Car On The Planet

Ever Dreamt Of Owning The World´s Fastest Car?

World´s fastest production car, to be more precise

Well, this incredible car has a price tag most of us just can´t afford. Why? Because it´s the fastest EV (Electric Vehicle) in the world.

The Zombie 222 …. a 1968 Ford Mustang with a twist

Unlike any other classic car I´ve ever seen, this modified automobile is powered by twin electric motors. You´re probably thinking why put electric motors in a 1960´s muscle car.

The Twin 11″ DC Motors with Twin High 2K Amp Controllers produce more than 800 bhp and 1800 lb-ft of torque! I bet your jaw dropped too after reading those insane numbers.

This street-legal beast is currently the world´s fastest car (excluding non-production cars). So what does this mean in regards to performance? Hang on to your hat!

World´s Fastest Car Stats

This amazing beast reaches 60 mph from a standing start in a mere 1.79 seconds.

Also, the Zombie 222 completes the 1/4 mile in 9.89 seconds at 141 mph!

And to top it off, its top speed when reaching the 1-mile mark is 177.8 mph

Can you believe this vehicle is absolutely street legal? I want one!

So where does that leave the expensive sports cars, exotic cars, and supercars of the world? In regards to performance, well behind this amazing auto.


A small company called Blood Shed Motors in Austin, Texas, USA put together this mind-blowing project. Their goal is to mix classic American muscle with modern electric propulsion and produce the fastest car available.

The guys at BSM added custom suspension and brakes in addition to the high output electric motors. Other upgrades such as racing seats and safety harnesses were also added. Essential upgrades for those kind of speeds.

fastest car upgrades

The suspension includes a floating Ford 9″ differential and 3 link coil overs. Steering is handled by the reliable rack & pinion system and braking is done via 13″ Wilwood discs.

The Zombie 222 has a 1.1 mW Li-Po (lithium-polymer) Racing Battery installed. As a BSM customer, various battery options are available to power the twin electric motors. Both short range and long range batteries are available, depending on your budget.

If you cannot resist the lure of this wild street animal, you will need somewhere between US$150,000 and $250,000 to own one. It all depends whether you already own a vehicle you wish to modify or prefer BSM to find you one.

For more information on the Zombie 222 get in contact with Blood Shed Motors

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