The Perfect Golf Swing

The Perfect Golf Swing Can Be Yours

Just follow these simple tips

Golf can be such an amazing sport when you put together the perfect game. However, it can also be frustrating when things don´t go to plan. Every golfer can improve their game and lower their golf scores with training & practise.

The golf swing is by far, the most important aspect of the game. Each golfer needs to apply the correct techniques to attain the perfect golf swing.

We have put together a few basic golf tips to help you with your game. You can apply these golf swing tips the very next time you hit the fairways.

Tips For The Perfect Golf Swing


First of all, do not let anything distract you as you address the ball. Don´t feel rushed or pressured, take as much time as you need. Take a deep breath and relax all your muscles (this helps keep you balanced).


Distribute your weight evenly as you take your stance. You can kiss the perfect golf swing goodbye if you don´t possess good balance. Plenty of practice will help you gain a good sense of balance to improve your swing.

Body Posture

With knees slightly bent, keep your head completely still and your eyes focused on the golf ball. Your head and back must be straight as you bend forward slightly at the waist. Keep your head directly in line with your spine, with your chin slightly raised.

As a right-handed golfer, your left shoulder should fit under your chin during the backswing phase. If your chin is positioned too close to your chest, you will be unable to attain the perfect golf swing.

The Perfect Golf Swing Practise

Practice Makes Perfect

Now give yourself some room and slowly practise your complete golf swing WITHOUT hitting the ball. Remember to keep your head still, eyes focused on the ball and use a smooth, flowing action.

Practice your golf swing 20 times while focusing on every aspect of your technique. Take a quick break, grab yourself a cold drink and then do it all over again. Repetition is the mother of skill.

Muscle Memory

Correct any minor errors until your golf swing feels second nature. This golfing exercise will train your muscles to remember the perfect golf swing position via muscle memory. So each time you pick up a golf club, your muscles will remember their positions and be ready for action.


You will gain confidence as you begin to drive golf balls further and with more authority. This newly found confidence will lead you to more success out on your chosen golf courses. And with more success comes more golfing enjoyment. That´s why we play!

Wrap Up

These simple tips are a great alternative to spending a small fortune on golf lessons. And better yet, you can start practising your golf swing right now in your very own backyard. At the end of the day, it´s entirely up to you to get motivated and attain the perfect golf swing.

You will see small improvements straight away with plenty of practice. Set yourself some realistic short term goals and stick to some kind of training schedule. Turn your golf game around with the perfect golf swing!