Travel Safety Tips You Need To Pack

10 Travel Safety Tips Could Save You More Than Just Money!

Traveling to exotic countries gives you an amazing sense of freedom. And to experience other cultures is a real luxury many travelers get to enjoy. However, you need to be on your toes to avoid any dangers which may arise.

Your own personal safety should be a top priority regardless of your travel destination. Travel tips are useless if you don´t put them into practice.

You always need to be prepared for the worst, especially when in a foreign country. So here are some travel safety tips you need to take with you on your next vacation.

You will probably use airports, train stations and bus terminals depending on how and where you travel. Pickpockets and other common thieves use these places to make their living. Which leads us to our first travel tip.

10 Travel Safety Tips You Need To Pack

Travel Safety Tips #1 : Always keep important travel documents and items on your person. I personally wear a medium sized fanny pack to keep my documents and valuables safe from thieves. Never leave anything of value in your luggage or carry-on.

Travel Safety Tips #2 : Do yourself a favor and invest in quality luggage. You will never need to worry about your suitcase breaking open in the center of an airport or bus terminal. Also, mark all your luggage with your name and cell phone number. Sometimes it pays to have your luggage wrapped in clear plastic just for added security.

Travel Safety Tips #3 : Do some internet research on foreign taxi services before departure. A simple google search can tell you plenty regarding foreign taxi services. You won´t run the risk of boarding a rogue taxi!

Also, resist the urge to save a few dollars and share a taxi with a stranger. An error like this could cost you dearly.

Travel Safety Tips #4 : Avoid public transport late at night no matter where you are. Train stations and bus terminals can often be deserted late at night. A call for help may fall on deaf ears if you find yourself in danger.

Travel Safety Tips #5 : Do plenty of internet research regarding hotels in your destination city. Speaking from experience, there´s nothing worse than staying at a hotel in a seedy area. Check online travel forums and guide books for recommended hotels and their respective neighborhoods.

Travel Safety Tips #6 : Invest in additional hotel room security with the impressive Portable Door Security Device. Most hotel rooms have standard door locks, while others offer an extra door chain system. Skilled thieves often break into hotel rooms whether these standard security systems are in place or not.

Travel Safety Tips Portable Door Security Device

The Portable Door Security Device will give you peace of mind as you sleep or if you´re out sightseeing. For such a small one-time investment, this brilliant security device is a must-have for any traveler.

Travel Safety Tips #7 : Use cash as little as possible when you make purchases. And when you need to pay with cash be aware of the people around you, before you reach into your wallet. I find it best to use credit cards and keep your cash for any unforeseen emergency.

Do NOT let your credit card out of your sight when you need to make a payment. In diners or restaurants, for example, I always follow the waiter to pay my bill. You just never know WHO is capable of credit card theft.

Travel Safety Tips #8 : Be smart and do NOT dress like a tourist. Criminals can spot obvious tourists from like 500 meters! You need to blend into your environment, so dress like the local people. This will make it much harder for the thieves to spot you as a tourist.

Travel Safety Tips #9 : Avoid wearing expensive watches, rings, and other jewelry in public places. Important documents and items should really be kept in a Hidden Money Belt or travel pouch. For the sake of a few dollars, you would be crazy NOT to have one!

Travel Safety Tips Travel Money Belt

Travel Safety Tips #10 : Finally, know where the local clinics and hospitals are located in case of an emergency. Best to carry a basic phrase book for countries where the residents don´t speak your language. If things go pear-shaped at least you know where to go and how to communicate on a very basic level.

So go see your travel agent or visit one of the many internet travel sites and browse the travel deals available. Purchase your airline tickets and don´t forget to organize travel insurance. Buy the best travel insurance you can find. Be covered for EVERYTHING.

Remember … do your research well before departure. Also, make a print out of these useful travel tips for your next vacation. You will enjoy your holiday far more knowing that you are well prepared for any situation that arises. Bon voyage!